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What's Seddit?

Seddit is a website with chatrooms based around Reddit.com. You sign in with your Reddit identity, and there's a chatroom corresponding to each subreddit.

Why does Reddit need Seddit?

Chat complements Reddit's existing features well. Some subreddits already have an IRC channel, but IRC is too complicated for most people. It's also limiting: by building a custom web interface, Seddit can integrate with Reddit more deeply than generic services can. For example, moderators of a subreddit are automatically moderators of the corresponding chatroom on Seddit.

Can I connect with another client?

Yes. Seddit.com uses the standard XMPP protocol, also called Jabber. You can connect with Adium, Pidgin, Colloquy, or other clients. The server is "chat.www.seddit.com", so your username will look like "someone@chat.www.seddit.com". You can use your Reddit password, or set a password on this site first.

What's the name mean?

"Said it", like how Reddit is "Read it".

Who made Seddit?

I'm Andrew. Feel free to email me. There's also a Twitter account, @seddit.

What's it built on?

Strophe.js and ejabberd do most of the work. There's also some nginx, Django, PostgreSQL, and AWS.

Seddit is shutting down on December 1st, 2015. Source code here.